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"East Coast Courier Company surpassed all of our expectations in delivering our products. We were primarily concerned with establishing a professional on-time service and ECCC achieved this objective in a timely and efficient manner."

Jamie Hoffman


East Coast Courier has worked hard to put together a package of services that best meets the needs of our clients. There are many different courier firms and just as many pricing scenarios. The bottom line is that cost is based primarily on speed and distance. Extra costs are incurred by excessive weight, unforeseen gas hikes, etc. When comparing courier services price should be only one factor in your decision. In the end, unless what you need delivered really doesn’t matter much, the company you think you can trust and depend on is where most will find their choice.

Our services are based on simplified zone pricing. We have put together a very competitive fee schedule.

Regular Delivery

The Regular 2 Hour service is the most commonly requested service and the benchmark for all of our pricing. All services will be picked up and delivered within the time commitment ordered.

Rush Delivery

The Rush 90 Minute service is available for you when time is money. Speed is our specialty! We will have it delivered in 60-90 minutes or less from the time your order is placed.


The "STAT" service is reserved for those who are under a critical time line. This is our most expensive service. If 90 minutes is just too long our STAT will offer as direct as possible service usually delivered in less than 45 minutes. Due to the extent of the Hampton Roads region, tunnels, and traffic patterns this service cannot always be guaranteed. We believe in communication and a dispatcher will always call to notify you if the time commitment is possible.


Service and logistics go hand in hand when it comes to helping you with delivery service that is needed every day between multiple offices or just two locations. We will offer price options that will give you exactly what you’re asking for as well as other choices that could save you time and money. With many variations in need, our routes and scheduled services are customized to suit our clients.

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